Note: I wrapped up Season 1 (12 episodes) in September of 2020. I’m holding off on additional episodes until further notice while I focus on other projects.

…Who? My name is David Wells. I’m a husband, father, consultant, writer, podcaster, and proud native of Charlotte, North Carolina.

…What? The premise of this podcast is to interview entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and high performers of various disciplines in order to uncover the methods and principles they use to excel in business and in life.

…Where? This link should bring up podcast on the ideal podcast streaming application for your device (iOS users to Apple Podcasts, Android folks to Google Podcasts and desktop visitors to the website). You can also click here to go directly to the hosting website, or simply search “New Year’s Revolutionary” on your favorite podcast streaming application.

…When? I plan to release episodes as soon as they’re ready. My goal is to get ten episodes out by the end of 2020.

…Why? I plan to write a post about how I got into podcasting. When I do, I’ll put a hyperlink in this section. In the meantime, the best answer I can give is this: writing in a public forum has been an eye-opening experience for me in a number of ways, but the biggest surprise by far has been the questions I’ve gotten from readers and the conversations that followed. I’ve learned so many things about the people in my life – friends, family, and casual acquaintances alike – that I had no idea about before I started writing. I realized that, the entire time I’ve been struggling to achieve my goals, I’ve been surrounded by people who can help, who want to help. I just have to listen. So I figured it made sense to start listening (and recording).

…How? My plan is to work hard. I need to identify interview candidates, prepare thoroughly for our conversations, and study the craft as I go along. But that’s not going to be enough. For this thing to work, I need your help.

If you’re interested in being interviewed, please let me know. If you feel compelled to support, I’d appreciate it if you did the following:

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Thanks for listening, and thanks for doing better this year.

Last updated 09/03/2021