…Who? My name is David Wells. I’m a husband, father, consultant, writer, podcaster, and proud native of Charlotte, North Carolina.

…What? The premise of this blog is to use New Year’s Resolutions as a basis for studying personal and professional development methods and principles.

…Where? All of the content will be right here on the blog. Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram (@david.w.wells) or subscribe to get updates on new content.

…When? The plan is to post new content every Monday morning. Note: in 2019 I completed my goal of writing a post a week for an entire year. Since the I have been writing posts occasionally while focusing on other projects.

…Why? A couple of reasons, most of which are admittedly self-serving. At this point, my main motivation is to learn. I want to learn about writing and about myself and about countless other topics as I pursue my New Year’s Resolutions in a public forum. I’m also hoping that, by sharing my experiences, I’ll be able to help readers be successful with their own goals.

…How? When doubt creeps in (as it often does), I ask myself how I’m even qualified to write something like this. And the best answer I’ve come up with is this: because we all are.

Each of us has a story and the right to share it. The purpose of this blog is not to tell you what to do – it’s to show you what I’ve done. There will be challenges, and I’m not going to have all the answers, but I will work hard and will write about it as honestly as I possibly can with the hope that it will be of some benefit to you.

Last updated: 09/03/2021