“Summit Meeting.”

We’re halfway through the year.

26 posts and 25,000 words later, it’s time for a New Year’s Revolutionary Summit Meeting. Time to pause, take stock, and see how we’re doing on the NYR’s we’ve covered so far.

NYR 19-01: “Workout More.” Perform 154 “Brad Pitt Workouts” during the first six months of 2019. Click here for the spreadsheet.

If you’ll recall from my earlier post, the plan here was to do 154 workouts in six months based on the workout regimen that Brad Pitt (supposedly) did in preparation for his role in the movie Fight Club, and to come out on the other side looking like this:


And I did it.

I’ve averaged six workouts per week since January. Guys, that’s insane considering just two years ago I was barely able to get the “50 workouts a year” needed for my firm-sponsored gym reimbursement.

Guys, I know you don’t always look at the spreadsheet. But come on… look at the spreadsheet! I added 60 pounds to my bench. I went from doing 7 pull-ups in a row to doing 20. I ran 8 miles last week. I started boxing. I lost 4 pounds which doesn’t even make any sense. What is happening???

All I know is I’m excited, and that’s my biggest takeaway: if you want to get in shape, pick whatever workout program you want, as long as it gets you excited. Then do it. Most of them work just fine if you stick with them.

Grade: A+

NYR 19-02: “Get Organized.” Tidy our condo using the KonMari Method by the end of March. Click here for the spreadsheet.

In the first three months of 2019 my wife and I got rid of grizzly bear’s worth of stuff in our condo. And the place looked great, but the question remained. How were things going to look months down the road? Well, here we are… so let’s have a look.

Kitchen cabinets?


Squared away.



Not too bad!

Let’s walk down the hall to the living room. Things looking good… wait hold on, the stroller’s poking out of the closet. Let me fix that real quick.


Wait a second… oh no.


Oh no no no nononononono



Ok, let me explain.

When we started, this closet was mostly filled with seasonal stuff (Christmas, etc.), all of which had been previously vetted and organized. So we agreed to just leave the closet out of the whole Mari Kondo thing.

But over time… little things started to creep into the closet. Because suddenly we had an out–a 7×5-foot junk drawer–and I’m afraid we used it to avoid a lot of tough decision making.

That being said… I’m really proud of us. We got rid of a lot of stuff and developed some organizational habits that have definitely stuck. And honestly, I just don’t care as much as I thought I would. A little chaos isn’t the end of the world at this stage in our lives.

Grade: B

NYR 19-03: “Drink Less.” Have fewer than 500 drinks in 2019. Click here for the spreadsheet.

272 drinks halfway through the year, on pace for 550 drinks by the end of the year. Not bad, right?

Well… it depends. I did a side-by-side comparison to 2018, and actually I’m only around 14 drinks down from where I was this time last year. Not very promising considering I’m shooting for about a 28% decrease by the end of the year.

So what happened? I was genuinely surprised until I looked at the data month-by month, and saw that I actually drank more this May than last May. The explanation?

This May, I had a bachelor party in Philadelphia, followed by my wife’s birthday celebration in Charleston.

Last May, I had… a child.

Well, technically she was born in April, but as you can imagine we weren’t doing much partying in the first few months following.

So we’ll see how it goes, although 500 is feeling more like a stretch goal at this point.

Grade: C+

NYR 19-04: “Learn A New Language.” Complete the “Head First Guide to HTML/CSS” in 2019. Click here for the spreadsheet.

This one was a lot of fun at first, but lost steam considerably these past few weeks. I used to be clipping along at a solid chapter-a-week pace. Now I’m lucky to get a chapter a month. Part of it is the material is getting more challenging, but I’m worried that another part of it is I’m just not as excited as I was starting off. I’m pretty sure I can finish the book fairly easily by the end of the year, but I’m considering a few ideas to try and light that fire again and will let you know what I come up with.

Grade: B-

NYR 19-05: “Be More Creative.” Start a blog in 2019.

You’re looking at it. I’m happy with how the blog has been going so far. I am also starting to regret the idea of doing a NYR for every single month of the year, resulting in 12 NYR’s which is… a lot. I’m not treading water quite yet but can feel myself getting there. My plan is to do my best to finish strong, and plan to take some time later in the year to re-evaluate.

Grade: A

NYR 19-06: “Be A Better Parent.” Send 40 emails to my girls in 2019. Click here for the spreadsheet.

This one is going strong based on how it’s being measured (22 messages with almost seven hours of recordings… have fun listening to that, girls!) I do have concerns about how effective this exercise has been toward the greater aim of being a better parent. I do think it’s helped me connect to my girls in some ways, and it does make me think more about what they’re thinking when we’re together.

But there are other times when I feel like my messages are too… routine. I feel like I’m getting into a groove of just telling them what happened over the past week, which is fine but I also want this exercise to be deeper than that. This week specifically, I’ve to leave them a messages when I’m not feeling that great. I’m hoping to give them a full picture, not just of the good times but the bad, in hopes that they might better understand how I handle the bad days (which is not always well, by the way).

Grade: B

So that’s where we are. New series starts next week, which by the way is going to be the weirdest one yet. See you then!

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